Best school breakfast recipes

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Hi Dear readers all over the globe ,I promised in my previous article “morning school planning” to introduce for you some easy-done and useful recipes for school mornings, so here I am keeping my promise ^_-
First of all, I need to discuss with you the poor appetite issue which matters not only parents, their children as well, believe me it’s defiantly not a question of mood or preparation time, it’s in a way more than that, it concerns how much stronger and healthier you want to grow by time, that’s the pure essence keep in mind it’s all in your benefit. 

Now let me introduce to you some yummy 10 min breakfast recipes easy to do but have a lot of benefit to our health   :
  • First recipe : yogurt + puffed wheat + blueberry  

  • Second recipe : cereal + almond + cashew + some pieces of fruits (any fruits you have ) and you can drink with it  milk.

  • Third recipe :  yogurt or milk + oats + pieces of strawberries 

  • Fourth recipe : quick sandwich contain bread (here I have bread with olives it's really good but if you don't have it you can use anyone) + tomatos + lettuce + cheese + sliced turkey and you can drink it with lemon juice or tea .

  • Fifth recipe :  toste + tomatoes + cream cheese + olives + some arugula + some drops of olive oil and you can drink it with lemon juice or tea .

  • Six recipe :    some fruits and drink some milk 

These was my favorite  recipes for school breakfast easy to do, however fruits, wheat, oats, nuts, vegetables, etc ..are all really important in the morning, they give us the sufficient energy to start our day because no energy= no work = no success, so don't forget to take it -_*.


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