Golden Tips for a better morning school schedule

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Good news or bad news? schools are started, with no time management your school life more specifically will drown freely in the daily stress pond , so  based on my own messy experience in the past years and on how I deled with my procrastination , I STRONGLY recommend following a well organized daily schedule  exactly as businessmen or  busy surgeons in the OR .well it all depends on how strongly you want to succeed in your life , your answer for this question is exactly the key for your existence in this life, the more and more you’re tied with your whole strength and consciousness  to your precious self-existing  you will in depth value every single second remaining , tick tock tick tock the countdown starts now:
Whether you’re high school –university student, the following enumerated tips will help you to set your appropriate daily schedule that matches in a perfect way your free time taken apart from your study zone.

  • For an effective work during your whole day, it’s better to wake up early in the morning around 5 am, so why being an early riser? It enhances your productivity level and sustains your difficult moments and hardships responding that may occur the day, it rises as well your mental ability that’s why there is no wonder successful students that are early risers have the best scores and the long breath at class -_* .
  • I start with bathroom ,wash my face with cold water to wake up I know it’s hard to wake up at 5 but by time it will be easy 
  • Then start your day with a strong spiritual connection with the divine power and yourself to enjoy the peaceful moments that chase away piles of stressful thoughts and plays as a good reminder of who you really are (20min-30min)
  • now it’s time for breakfast (you can read in the same section “the perfect breakfast for school”) , get in mind that your energy producer is the breakfast that you hate so much because of your bad morning appetite ( no energy= no work = no success ) yes to that extent ! (30min- including the preparation time).
  • In the 30 min of the 2h left I recommend a learning activity, something that you really need to develop yourself in, keep this matter daily until it becomes a strength point (for me I have plenty of things to develop XD but with a prioritizing list helps a lot). 
  • Now in second 30 min, take care about yourself: 
  1. Washing my face with my morning products routine (I will do an article about products that I use) and then I brush my teeth (all that take me about 10 min)and for shower I like to do  it before I go to sleep.
  2.  Makeup table: I make it light (5 min)!
  3. Changing clothes : (15min) make sure to prepare your tomorrow’s outfit every night before going to bed! 

  • Now for the 1h left I go out because I need 30 min to arrive at school and for the other 30 min I go to the library’s school just to   revise my notes of class or homework that I did yesterday or simply read a book.
        It’s been a long time since I started this program and I feel super well because it really helped me and         I hope that will help you too.

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  1. Your advice are pretty good, and I'm sure that they gone help me soon. XOXO Barbara from

    1. thanks dear barbara,I feel so honoured would be great if my tips help you as they work wonders for me
      love from bbf