What’s in your school bag ?

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Hello girls

In this serie of back to school I will share with you a lot of ideas that will help you to become more organized and comfortable during school time .
Today’s topic is on fire because it’s  so exciting  as much as it seems  so important for every girl student more specifically for high school and university girls students. ok so where is the thrilling part ? well , we already know that once you get back to school , your whole life becomes a mess if you’re not well organized  or you don’t know how to arrange your stuff orderly  , which to pick and which not to pick in your school bag 0_O  enough time standing blankly and wasting it on nebulous thoughts because we’ll clear them all.

1. choose your  bag very well
For me as university student, I don't go all the time with fashionable bags, I love to pick a comfortable bag more than fashionable because I care with me my laptop all the time  (your health should be in the first place ^_-),but when I told you comfortable bag that means not at all ugly or just what ever, no I like to choose a comfortable bag in the same time good looking so here are some of my best styles of university bag.

and of course the most important thing in the bag for me is the pockets that helps me organizing my stuff very well, I will tell you  which stuff i'm talking about in this article.Now you have an idea about my usual bag but sometimes when I don't take with me my labtop or just a lot of books I like to put my stuff in like these style of bags below 

2. what’s in the bag
Here are the stuff that I told you on the top of the article, so what do I take with me in my school bag
 . A wallet 
I like to pick up with me a wallet that can carry money,my phone and my keys so that I can easily find them , it's very useful.

 . A lovely pencil case

. Memory note book
To note important school events , meetings, homework to do ( nothing to miss ^^) and to be more organized.I try to pick a small note book so that it can not take place in the bag.

. Class note books

Before I used to buy large books with colored parts and each part was for subject but then I realized that the book takes a place in the bag also it hurts in the back XD, and sometimes I had only two subjects in the day but I had have taking it with me,so i decided to buy diffirents notebooks for  each subject so that can be light in the bag when I don't have a lot of subjects a day.

. Makeup bag
I don't carry a lot of stuff , remember that you go to school not a party so make it light ^_- ,I took  a small bag contain  lip balm , mascara, and blush that I wear that day. 

. Emergency bag
Small bag contain plasters for emergency situation, handkerchiefs, antibacterial gel, some hairpins and hair elastic always we need that so don't forget to grab them. 

So that's in general what I take with me in my school bag , so I hope this article was useful for you and keep in touch with my up coming articles about school .

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  1. Awesome post, I love the layout of your blog, too! I love buying notebooks, I feel like they make me so inspired and motivated to work!

    xxxx from Emily // www.diamondsanddachshunds.weebly.com

    1. thank you dear EMILY STEPHENS me too