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Have you ever dreamed of a perfect complexion of your skin , a glowing face with the most appealing natural face , just being you” with no mass of makeup , smiling widely in front of the mirror the moment you wash your face off ?...Aghhh!!! these actions are really Big dreams for a lot of us, but always remember you’re already beautiful, you’re here to protect your beauty from bad habits little by little, and today I’ll make sure to make it happen for you dear Beauties, so step by step following these tips based on natural remedies that can heal your skin and give you the appropriate complexion. I’m huge fun of these remedies they really help me and I hope they will help you too, I will discuss the most serious skin problems in details in my upcoming articles, so keep in touch from time to time, as now these are some of my BEST home remedies for you to enjoy a better skin:


Here we are with one of the most bothering skin problems but hold on and just take it easy , getting rid from pimples is NOT an overnight miracle , believe me ^_- you need to fight them calmly because getting angry will even worsen the situation especially if you have a severe acne .
First of all, you should keep up with the following regimen for a whole month to see the results and then continue wowing yourself how far your skin getting prettier, it only needs patience!
Remedy ^-^


        2 Teaspoon of honey          
 2 Teaspoon of tomato juice
 2 Teaspoon of corn starch  

Firstly honey has really a lot of benefits, it’s an antibacterial good for acne treatment, it is great for slowing down aging, help moisturize etc. And tomato” YES tomato” has a lot of benefits not only for the health but the skin also, it helps the skin to become tighter, brighter and prettier” you will see that from the first time”.  And last but not least corn starch, it plays an important role in skin care due to a lot of several vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that make the skin 
healthy and bright.

Mix all the ingredients and apply the paste on clean face (pay attention your face should be free from makeup and you have to wash it with cleanser before using the remedy and if you don’t know the best cleansers for your skin I will do in my up articles my best cleansers so keep in touch) and let it dry for about 20 minutes (2-3 times a week), and then wash your face with lukewarm water.  

Bonus tip: Use an ice cube for massaging your face in a circular motion for a fresh look!

       2- Dark spots :

I know exactly what fighting a patchy skin means; I used to feel uncomfortable with spots and blemishes especially on my face.
Well, blemishes are caused by the excessive exposition to the sun rays as well as popping the pimples, the thing that we all find tempting in so many ways, but it really takes a LOT of time to heal the scratch than the pimple itself, so cut down these bad actions in advance ...and now it’s time for magic ^^, the remedy that I recommend most of the time is the following:
Remedy ^-^

         3 teaspoon oatmeal powder
             3 teaspoon lemon juice        
Mix the ingredients well and scrub it on the dark areas, after 10 minutes wash it off with cold water (to use 2-3 times in a week) .

       3- Now we look for a shiny skin...

To make your skin glow, I strongly recommend spraying drops of olive oil or argon oil after taking a bath; this method works as an effective moisture, so enjoy the results! Don’t forget this step because it’s very important to moisture the skin even if you have oily skin.
Finally, as you can see all the ingredients you found them in your house easy and effective for bright skin. As you know , it only needs patience and perseverance , don’t stress and follow an adequate diet for better results , from bbf wish you to stay healthy and always remember " it’s all for you to shine your beauty " 

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