My Top 4 foundations

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Hello Beauties,

 I decide to share with you my Top makeup products from  foundation to lipstick to give an idea about the whole makeup  products that I use and may look useful for you too,and today I    will start with my best foundations and in my upcoming articles you  will discover other top makeup products so keep in touch, for now  let's get started for my top 4 foundations:


Estee Lauder
Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup
l have the shade cool bone and I love it,in the first time i found it yellow for my skin but when I blend it well I got a flawless natural look, I have  a combo skin and this gives a matte finnish look, the texture of this lequid foundation is amazing,soft on the skin,it covers well and it stays all the day without moving.For the price about 39$ and actually worth it .


I have the shade Mont Blanc, again this one I found it amazing, it gives a naturel look ,medium to full coverage,and if you have combo skin like me this one will suit you also for oily skin but if you have dry skin you need to use a moisturizer before applying it, beacuse it gives a matte finnish look,the formula is easy to apply and it stays all day,it costs 48$.


I have the shade Porcelain,I really like this foundation from l'oreal because it's inexpensive but it has a good quality,it's for meduim coverge,it gives a matte finnish look but you have to apply moisturizer before useing it because it leaves dry patches if the skin is not well hydrated.I don't recommend for dry skin because my sister has dry skin and even with moisturizer it does not go,but if you have combo to oily skin go for it, for the price it costs around 11$.


I have the shade ivory,it's another inexpensive foundation but for good quality,I really got impressed with this liquid foundation because it gives a natural look,for full coverage and it stays all day,and one thing about it is that it looks dry when I look closer so again not for dry skin and if you have combo skin you have to use moisturizer before apply it.

So Beauties that was my Top 4 foundations i hope these inforamtions were useful for you,love from bbf ^_-.

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