How to keep your hair healthy?

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Hello Beauties,

There is a saying  "hair is the half beauty of women " , personally I totally agree with this statement because I believe that without absolute treatment for the hair no complete look is possible , so today we will discuss one of the most nightmare hair problems that you probably suffer from .
Well, we already know the whole body needs serious nutrition to maintain a balanced energy , it’s the case for the skin as well as the hair , so in order to have the most healthy  lustrous  and growing strong hair ,you shall take care about what you really eat because simply  foods has a great impact on your hair’s look ( as well as your skin ^_-) that’s I prepared a list of the "must-eat" nutrients that will definitely change your hair’s bad condition and  also my golden DIY routine before bath  :

   1-   Nutrition :
                  ·  Vitamin B1 : Eggs, meat, fish  ...for hair growth.
·  Nuts, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, almonds...for a growing strong hair.
·  Vitamin C : lemons, oranges, guavas, strawberries, grapefruit, broccoli, kiwis, papayas keep your hair rich in colour.
· Potassium : white beans, spinach, bananas, avocado...for a healthy scalp.
·  Biotin : walnuts, cabbage, raspberries, eggs, carrots...prevent hair from breakage.

N.B: and don't forget to drink alot of water


    2-   DIY :

Here is the golden DIY for healthy and growing fast hair:

·   3 tsp of coconut oil
·     2 tsp of olive oil     
·   2 tsp of argon oil   
·    For frizzy hair add one of these: yolk of two eggs / avocados or bananas.

Mix all the ingredients well , then massage it gently from root to tip , wrap your hair in plastic then in a towel , keep it for half an hour then shampoo your hair properly and of course don’t you ever brush your hair when it’s wet.

Keep in mind that hair needs an extreme care as the mama does to their babies so be aware of what kind of products you’re using, I myself prefer not using a lot of chemical products because we don’t know what the ingredients are or sometimes even when we search for we don’t understand many of "words of the field « so there is no other solution better than stick to the nature, it never deceives you, believe me *_*. So don’t forget to follow these tips and enjoy the result.

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