How much should you drink a day?

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Hello Beauties,

Many of dieters  wonder about the hidden secret of this pure limpid liquid  irrigating human beings for years and years , making up 60% of your body weight, the one without it life has no meaning realistically ,and hopefully the only one that you gets thirsty for.Did you ever ask your own self about “why” the existence of this magical component? And how close you have to stick with it the whole day?
Water is the only thing you get into your body that you shouldn’t be worried or doubtful about, it carries out multiple functional internal tasks that works only in your benefit. So what are exactly the implemented tasks by increased water intake?

-               ·      Prevents constipation.

·      Keeps skin well hydrated.

·      Deals with Acne problems.

·      Carries nutrients and oxygen to cells.

·      Increase your physical and mental performance.

·      Reduces the frequency of headaches.

·      Regulates body temperature.

·      Decreases the risk of kidney stones.

·      Increases concentration and develop mental faculties.

·      Increases physical endurance ...etc.

Now that you’re completely aware about the advantages of increased water intake, this question probably uttered to resonate in your mind. How much water should I drink per day?
There is no medical report answers you precisely, but a lot of dieters claim drinking 8 glasses a day is the perfect way to keep your body well hydrated but for you to exit from all this bewilderment, here is an organized daily reminder you should keep up with:

*  Drink 2 glasses of water after waking up in the morning which activates internal body organs.
*  1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal, it deals with digestion  problems.
*   1 glass of water before taking a bath helps lower blood pressure.
*   1 glass of water before going to bed avoids heart attack.

if you can't deal with that daily or you forget to drink water in the day,this application is for you, all you have to do it's to installe the app called "Water Drink Reminder" in your phone then enter you weight and that's all,the app will notify you each 2's super easy avaible for Android and iOS version ^_- .

Don’t skimp on yourself some precious water drops, they’re just serving your organs, skin and your whole performance in the best. And from me wish you to stay healthy and always remember " it’s all for you to shine your beauty".

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