How to grow fast and strengthen your nails?

4:01:00 PM

Hello Dear Beauties,

As known the most frequent question about nail care is how to strengthen my nails and grow them fast? Well the answer is that simple but needs to be included in your daily routine which is coconut, olive and castor oil bath, here is the method:

{Mix 2 tsp of coconut oil+ 1 tsp of olive oil+3 tsp of castor oil+ 3 tsp of lemon juice and add to the ingredient 1 cup of lukewarm water , soak your fingers into the container for about 20 min then apply your convenient hand cream }.

Nails grow normally 3 mm per month but DIY works very well on my nails, it speeds up their growth naturally as well as strengthen them,  however you have to do this method every day before going to sleep for best result and when arrive at your aim you can reduce it to 3 times a week. So that was today’s trick , hope it was helpful for YOU  beauties ^_-.

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