Not expensive yet effective for blackheads !!!

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Hello Beauties,

I’m back again with an interesting topic which is "blackheads ", I share your interest girls, these stubborn creatures hardly remove especially if they’re so tiny, so what’s the solution??? There are many of cosmetic products can help doing so, but the natural methods are always much safer, yeah! I love being in the comfort zone J.
That’s why ladies, let me introduce one of my best homemade remedies for removing blackheads: egg white mask, yap! As you see, it’s made only by this ingredient but has a striking effect on your skin because it helps tighten the pores of your face, hence get rid of the unwanted residues...stop babbling and get to the point:

- wash your face with cool water but before make sure it’s clean.

- In a small bowl ,take one egg and separate the white egg from the yolk  , apply the first thin layer on your face ( get a little away from your eyes , you can apply it on the parts that  really bothers you instead of your whole face) , put on a toilet paper properly and wait a little bit till the first layer dries , play this method in  repeated  mode ( the second layer , third layer ..You have the choice to make many of them; the important is that at the end you succeed in building tough layers).

- Let the final layer put on dries completely, then peel off the mask.

- Wash your face off with cool water then apply your argon oil or any   favourite oil , you’ll apparently love the result ^_-  from bbf  wish you to stay always healthy.

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